You would like to start renovating your own piece of furniture? Or do you have a cabinet that needs a complete makeover... perhaps in trendy colours?

The question is of course: how to start?

Don’t worry. You will find everything here you need. Shortly you will find here some YouTube links with a very clear and simple explanation of the different steps to follow when renovation a piece of vintage furniture.

So stay tuned and follow our vintage tube.

You prefer reading instead of watching? No problem, Willem Fouquaert, the entrepreneur and driving force behind has written several books on furniture restauration ad renovation. The latest one “Vintagemagie” treats the restoring of vintage furniture. It’s available in our showroom for € 20. You can also order it by mail. We’ll send it over .

(Normal price bookstore is 29.95 EUR)
You still have a concrete question on restoration? Please mail us…
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