Did it also occur to you that it’s generally very difficult to find some information on the Belgian mid-century designers and their manufacturers? Perhaps this is logical… most of these manufacturers do not exist anymore… and internet didn’t exist either…

To help everybody who is concerned and to clear out the history of our manufactures and designers we have decided to create a database to centralise the info on
-    Belgian manufacturers
-    Belgian designers

Why only the Belgians?

Well let’s be honest… often a lot of research has already been done on famous international designers or on Scandinavian designers and producers. Unfortunately this is not the case for Belgium… so let’s be realistic and start nearby!


You have some info on Belgian producers or designers? Old catalogues, info on production or capacity, whatever can help is welcome... so please contact us and we will put this info in the database which we would like to put online in 2018!
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